Our Mission

Our mission is to create an awareness in Bangladesh over how to get fluent in English by three months. Primarily, our goal is to help out the people who have completed at least their intermediate level of education preferably, IT experts or programmers, Engineers, Corporate Professionals, Lawyers, Graduates and post graduates from different fields. Moreover, we have developed our language materials in such a way that potential people can save their money, time and energy in getting fluent in English practicing our innovative method for free available at our website, English Fluency in Artificial Exposures (EFAE).

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is to establish an effective English Language Teaching Method from school level to university level and to create a lot of part-time and full-time online based job opportunities. In doing that, we will build up call centers and IT Firms for managing buyers or employers from all over the world and offer jobs or help out to get jobs for Bangladeshi people. Besides, getting fluent in English, anyone can manage job by himself/herself from websites such as up-work,YouTube, freelancer.com, Google etc. However, we all know very well English is a dire barrier that we will kick out from our country through our innovative method, English Fluency in Artificial Exposures (EFEA).

mamun_corporateFounder & CEO, Md. Mamun Miah,

Md. Mamun Miah has been teaching English Language for almost eight years in different levels. He is expert in Teaching English Language to IT Experts and Corporate Professionals. He has completed his BA Hon’s in the English Language in  2011 and MBA in Human Resource Management in 2013. He always loves to do innovative tasks as he is the pioneer of the method, English Fluency in Artificial Exposures (EFAE). Moreover, he loves traveling and hanging out with friends, boating, fishing, watching comedy movies and so on. Above all, he loves his country very much and he always wants to do something pretty special for his country.