English Fluency in Artificial Exposures (EFEA)

English Fluency in Artificial Exposures is a unique method by which people, having a little English reading skill, can be fluent in English by three months. It is a modern method by which only interesting and funny videos with English and Bengali Subtitles and audios with English and Bengali Texts are used as key materials. Moreover, we strongly avoid any kind of text books and grammatical methods during language development process in basic and intermediate levels (60 days). However, grammars are taught in advanced level for being aware of the overall formal and informal writings which are very important skill beside listening, speaking and reading.

Above all, our ultimate focused is on creating an artificial English Exposures (environment)  similar to real exposures for the Bangladeshi people through raising interest and confident among them and faster the English Language Development Process.

Artificial Exposures (AE)

We know, artificial means not the direct or exact one and exposure means environment or surrounding. For example, we can speak in Bengali fluently because our people surround me speak the same language. We are having the direct exposures from the part of the country where we belong to that is why our ways of speaking differ from Dhaka to Chittagong, Barisal to Cumilla though it is the same country.

On the other hand, people from non-English-speaking countries can get fluent in English nearly native only living in the English-Speaking Countries because of having the direct exposures or interactions. But it not possible always for the people living in Bangladesh to have the direct exposures. That is why I have innovated a method, English Fluency in Artificial Exposures, by which I always try to make some artificial exposures though English Movies, Videos with subtitles and audios with texts to have a nearly similar impact of direct exposures.